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OPEN DOOR-SKOPJE URBAN LIVING LAB Publication about Skopje Urban Living Lab Skopje Urban Living Lab developed in Skopje within the
Cultural Heritage Leading Urban Futures: join the ROCK Open Knowledge Week to learn, share and get inspired PRESS RELEASE On
Архитектонската работилницата беше организирана со студенти од Архитектонскиот факултет – УКИМ, која се спроведува како активност во рамките на ROCK
ОТКУПЕНИ ИДЕЈНО-ОБЛИКОВНИ РЕШЕНИЈА ЗА ИЗРАБОТКА НА ПРОТОТИП НА СУВЕНИРИ На изложбата се презентирани резултатите од Конкурсот за откуп на идејно-обликовни
The publication titled “Increasing urban greenery as an imperative in urban planning – urban architectural interventions in the central city
SKULL- Skopje Old Bazaar at 24, 25 th of December Skopje urban Living Lab hosted a workshop focused on capacity
Promotion of the publication “The City in Transition – From Ecological, Socio-Spatial, Architectural Change to а Sustainable City: Skopje Between
“Sounds of the Bazaar” is a multimedia and multicultural event held this year for the 13th time and aims to
In June 2018 in Cluj, the ROCK cities convened for the first time to capitalise on the several parallel meetings