Good City Practices #2

Eindhoven’s live labs – Best Practices Living Lab Eindhoven

Skopje Urban Living Lab (SkULL) in close collaboration with the City of Skopje and Faculty of Architecture, UKIM, organized second presentation of the session “ Good City Practices” on this session the guest Marianne Willemsen has presented the experiences of living labs in Eindhoven as an approach and model for regenerating parts of the city and redefining city as a whole, at the center of technological innovation and creativity. The event took place in SkULL’ s premises on Wednesday, November 20h.

Eindhoven has mastered the living lab approach in its way of thinking and working at urban governance level. This approach materialized in various places and initiatives in the city. The municipality of Eindhoven took the initiative to develop various living lab initiatives, in collaboration with actors from other sectors (private sector institutions, public organizations, academic and knowledge institutions and Brainport which is a triple helix collaboration between businesses, government and educational & research institutions). This resulted in a type of living lab that differs from other labs: it is not a laboratory with a building and it does not have clear hierarchical structure with clear living lab objectives, actors and programmes and projects that are organized and presented in a clear policy document.