Skopje Light Art District

SKLAD remains as a symbolic bridge, a vivid link that unites art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light.

SKLAD was established in 2018 with the aim to create a new cultural and social event with light art in focus. Through 2018 and 2019 editions, SKLAD has successfully established Skopje as one of the important contemporary light art scenes, by presenting high-level creations of the world’s leading artist, as well as highlighting the local art scene. SKLAD is also actively engaged to create a dynamic network with other regional light art festivals and events; a collaboration that we believe
will strengthen importance of Skopje as an emerging contemporary art center. In regards to this the public institution “Universal hall”-Skopje and the City of Skopje according to the yearly program for 2020 have pleasure to announce the following:

From 29 th May to 1st of June the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS AND SOUNDS took place for the second time in Skopje. The most innovative technology was used to illuminate some of the city’s most impressive buildings, immerse well-known facades in new dimensions, create spectacular light curtains and galleries under the stars. The Skopje Light Art District Festival led its guests with fun, joy and a magical atmosphere into spring, the time of awakening, growth and rebirth.

Festival of Lights and Sounds Skopje is a fee annual international event. Consisting of art, design, architecture and entertainment, the festival was on the one hand a pleasure for the eyes and on the other hand evoked manifold thoughts and feelings in its visitors.

Why are we doing it?

We wanted to create something special, a happening that would lift the collective spirit of the city. In a world with so many dark and ominous messages, our goal is to create a positive, magical urban oasis where people of all ages and backgrounds can and will enjoy together.

Simply put, we want to help transform a moment of consciousness, from the cold and the dark into the warmth of the light.


What is it?

The Skopje Light and sound Festival offers a visual journey and a playful adventure throughout the walking streets of The Distillery District.

The Skopje Light and sound Festival offers visitors a reason to bundle up, get outside and celebrate the season, creativity and life in the big city.

The Festival, now in its second year, exhibits local and international light artists. Artworks are curated to educate, warm hearts, inspire or just put a smile on visitor’s faces.

SKLAD 2020


for the festival of light “Skopje Light Art District 2020” exhibition “Skopje Light Art District 2020” is an event focused on light art installations and video projections which will be displayed on various selected locations in the central part of Skopje. For the locations please see (link)  The event “Skopje Light Art District 2020” will start on May 27 and will last until May 30, 2020.

The third edition of SKLAD is relocating in the 2020 to another splendors of the Skopje city. Focusing creative energies to connect the history and marvels of the ancient Old Bridge with the wonders of the Skopje City Park. Reaching from history, deeply into nature, among trees, meadows and lakes. Skopje City Park is not just the green, tranquil oasis and invaluable lung of our hectic city, but a very unique place to enjoy, to take care of and to be proud of. Searching inspiration in its beauty and treasures we aim to highlight this exclusivity by creating an extraordinary experience where nature, technology, science and art meet. SKLAD 2020 wishes to communicate message of environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, to help protect
the environment and sustain its natural resources, by putting attention onto the values that are so vivid and tangible in our own Skopje City Park.
All interested parties should send a completed application, marked “Light Art Installation” to the official email of the event not later then 1.03.2020. More information on the following link


Mobile Application

Download the app and get to know the locations and the work of the light artists better!

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