ROCK in Skopje

The ROCK VISION for Skopje is about transforming the historic city area into a knowledge-, culture- and technology-driven hub. The goals are to promote creative and ICT-supported spatial practices in public spaces by bringing different stakeholders together in creative collaborative living labs as well as to develop

The area where ROCK actions are implemented is a highly significant protected site of cultural heritage, which includes the city fortress, the Old Bazaar, many buildings and monuments, a vibrant open air green market, a residential area, a commercial space, a cultural center, the faculties of the four Universities and a complex of museums in the former Jewish neighbourhood of Skopje. The City saw a remarkable urban change in the last sixty years that created a unique collage of urban fragments from different periods reflecting the multicultural social fabric of the local community. The specific sites of intervention are:

  • The Old Bazaar area
  • Skopje Jewish quarter
  • Skopje Medieval fortress