SKULL – Skopje Urban Living Lab

Skopje Urban Living Lab (SKULL) is a project for utilizing the Old Bazaar as a traditional place of CH and commerce with introduction of contemporary “crafts” through utilization of ICT incubators, collaborative workspaces and new network of creative industry collectives, suppliers and promotion of new products and services. The space of the SKULL will function as an open hub for actions supporting ideas of innovation and revitalisation of the Old Bazaar with access to current planning documents and a vehicle for transferring of ideas between the stakeholders and the municipalities. SKULL is the umbrella gathering urban changes pillars in Skopje: Skopje Urban Centre, Skopje Innovation Lab, Skopje NGO incubator, Skopje HUB, Design and Crafts centre.

The following main goals for SKULL have to be achieved: - Enhancement of public knowledge about the Skopje demo area through collection and dissemination of local knowledge, planning documents and research about history and urban transformation; - Transferring of ideas between the local stakeholders, local community and Municipalities and Creative industry and Civic organizations; - Enabling creation, prototyping and multiplication of innovative ideas through knowledge exchange, transfer of technology, alternative business models and novel collaborations.