Sounds of the Bazaar 2019

“Sounds of the Bazaar” is a multimedia and multicultural event held this year for the 13th time and aims to remind of the forgotten tradition, to revive some of the under-visited areas of Skopje and to contribute to the emancipation of culturally undeveloped environments, but also to contribute towards the continuous activities of the City of Skopje trough the activities of the project ROCK (Regeneration and optimization of Cultural Heritage) implemented in the Skopje Old Bazaar Area.

The general idea is to link different institutions with different activities, which can contribute to the process of revitalizing the Skopje Old  Bazaar, as a cultural heritage from different aspects. Here comes the cooperation with the Cultural Information Center Skopje.

The Cultural Information Center – Skopje has been in existence since 1967 and since then successfully upgrades Macedonian culture through all genres of art in our country and in the world. KIF carries out its activities in the showrooms 1 and 2, Salon 19,19, the design department and the space in front of the COOL-PARK center. Over 200 events are held over the course of a year (art and other exhibitions, serious music concerts, book promotions, theater performances and other cultural events).The Tourist Bureau of the City of Skopje has recently been functioning within the Cultural Information Center.